Friday, April 18, 2014

ANTIDRASH - Against LP 1991

Now Easter is here and honestly I'm not really happy. I guess, I'll have to survive these days with lots of beer to calm my skull. Well, even this time goes by... - I come to the next post, one year after their fantastic debut record Katastash Kindynou shoot Antidrash their second album out, again on the famous Greece label Wipe Out! Records. Musically in the similar direction as the previous album, plus here are some songs with organ which brings a slightly gloomy feeling (for example the first track). Of course, again fast angry hardcore pieces on it and especially the sawing guitars cut it out. A powerful album with 12 good songs.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

MYSTERY GIRLS - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 7'' 1983

Another all-female band are the Mystery Girls from the States here with their debut 7inch on Casino Records. Side A offers a nice cover version of Lee Hazelwood's classic while the flip 'Ego' is a catchy powerpop cracker and for me the winner. A short review brings it to the point: "A weird mixture here. The geetars on the old Nancy Sinatra hit are restrained and tasteful, but on "Ego", the Mystery Girls really cut loose with dirty rock 'n' roll riffing à la Johnny Thunders. Cool as hell. - Jeff Bale (from Maximum RockNRoll #6, May/June 1983) - Wonder why they are not on any compilations or am I missing something there? Anyway, maybe someone change this sometime.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TROTZ ALLEM - s/t EP 1983

Long time nothing here from Switzerland and I will change this with a rare obscure EP which was released on Soilant Records. The band is called Trotz Allem from Aarau and this is their only record. An all-female band, five girls on bass, drums and vocals. Seven pretty minimalist songs in a decent recorded sound. Three of the 5 girls are on the mic and the polyphonic singing comes very nice. Musically perhaps not sophisticated but the girls make this really good and I like their D.I.Y. way. The cover art is designed very ornate, a nice fold-cover in which the single waits to be born again, decorated with colorful hand-painted pics and a lyric-sheet. Amazing lot for such a small unknown pearl from the Alps. I am always delighted when I discover such elaborate works of art (and sometimes the music doesn't matter). But with Trotz Allem everything is perfect. They were present on three tape compilations with more nervous tracks which all were released in the mid 80s, see discogs. Rundes Teil, see for yourself and good night!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

V/A - Bloodstains Across The U.K. 3 LP 1998

Time for another compilation with a lot of strong material on it. Volume 3 of the U.K. section is full with rare songs between rough punkrock and shallow powerpop from the late 70s. Here's something for every taste and who appreciates the Bloodstains series as I will be satisfied with this record. Detailed information on the back cover, probably 1000 copies and a coveted collector's item. A pretty good selection of tracks.

1.Love Is Not Real - THE NEGATIVES
2.I'm Not Your Type - TINOPENERS
3.Terrorist - FUTURE BODIES
4.Heart To Heart - SILENT NOISE
5.Guest - LIP MOVES
6.14 Year Old Lover - HENRY ESSENCE
7.Getting High - MEDIA
8.Kill The Bill - THE MENTAL
10.Stay Clean - NIGHTRIDER
11.T.V. Movie - SLOWGUNS
12.Stake Out - THE NEGATIVES
13.First Mistake - THE RATS
14.No Survivors - SPEEDBALL
15.East Coast Kids - WHAT

Friday, April 11, 2014

WASTELAND - Want Not EP 1979 + Leave Me Alone 7'' 1980

Another lost punk juwel are these both 7inches and I would like to give you some info grom the great Bored Teenagers site for which I'm grateful because I myself find nothing about this outstanding band:

A rare and obscure UK punk band from outta Canterbury/Whitstable, Kent. Originally called The Infested' who even got their forth coming release advertised in the Zig Zag' independent listings but sadly the band split before the EP was released. This fooled collectors for many years and regularly appeared on "wants lists" from all around the world. After the band had split, two bands formed out of the ashes, Wasteland & The Ignerents. Ben Challis formed The Ignerents while is brother 'Tig' was the drummer in 'Wasteland'. The bands debut release was a 3-track EP and featured the excellent track Ono. The next release was a slight change in direction, Tony Tarrats left and was replaced by Becky Gale. The a-side took on a punk back drop with a more of a pop feel with Becky's vocals while the b-side is a frenzied instrumental complete with keyboards and a violin of all instruments!!! Sadly, this was the bands last release and is nearly impossible to find as only 500 copies were pressed & the band only sold 150 copies at the time. After speaking to the parents of ‘Tig Challis’ they told us that they had dumped the remaining 350 copies in the early 90s after finding them in a wardrobe during a spring clean!!

After the band had split, 'Tig' then went off to university in Sheffield. On returning back to Kent after he had graduated, ‘Tig’ was involved in a very serious motorbike accident which left him confined to a wheelchair with brain damage. He lived out the rest of his life in Spain where the weather was more suited to his live style but sadly died in 2009.

 Bizarrely, his brothers band The Ignerents ended when drummer Stan Gretsch died in a car crash after taking and driving a stolen car!!!

All in all 5 great kbd smasher and on Compilations Back To Front Vol. 3, Powerpearls Vol. 9 and Shake Some Action Vol. 8. They deserve all your attention and now I still need a little sleep, a new weekend is coming up.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ZOUNDS - Demystification 7'' 1981

Nothin' new in Blogland but a fuckin' classic and the reason for me is simple. Zounds is the sound We both love and I think this is the band that We heard the most, at home, in the car, on vacation... and now She is near to me and I'm feeling not alone. It's still gray here and somehow I have to keep going with all this shit everyday. - Two goodies here and this little nice record was released via Rough Trade and I think, it's their 2nd 7inch and they still active. Check out WDR for more stuff.


Here's a record how I love it: oblique, extraordinary beats, funny and hard to classify. I would describe the sound as punk but different, not 1-2-3-4 let's go hey ho, rather friggelig you know and I'm really excited. The Aller Værste! (The Worst!) exists from 1979–1981 and were formed in Bergen, members were Sverre (bass/organ/vocals), Lasse (guitar/organ/vocals), Chris (guitar/organ/vocals), Harald (bass/organ/vocals) and Ketil (drums) which started out as a hobby project by 4 members of long-forgotten group Johnny Banan Band. They were influenced and inspired by punk, new wave, ska and reggae and released two albums and three 7inches. Several of their releases are considered classics in Norwegian rock. They received a Spellemannprisen (a Norwegian music award presented to Norwegian musicians) in 1980, for the album Materialtretthet. Their two first singles were played at the influential BBC, by program manager John Peel. The group disbanded after their second LP Disniland I De Tusen Hjem. They had a reunion tour in 1990 and concerts in Bergen and Oslo in 1999. So this is their second EP on Den Gode Hensikt with four goodies.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

Sunday, April 6, 2014

KÖTTGROTTORNA - Blodsdans LP 1986

The next album is surprisingly good, 1A power punk rock and previously not heard of them although the band have much vinyl released and here's a short bio which I found on Köttgrottorna are Happy (drums), Mongo (vocals & bass), Janne (vocals & guitar) and Guld-Lars (guitar). Happy and Mongo started to play together as early as 1978 in the punk band Incest Brothers. In 1983 they formed Köttgrottorna together with Valen (guitar). After playing at a concert once, meant as a joke, dressed as girls and singing dirty lyrics in high voices, they were booked solid. It was a success! After about a year, Valen got tired of it and quit, which brought in Janne and Jörgen, both on guitar. This made the group take a more serious direction. Records and gigs filled their agendas. When 1987 came, Jörgen quit and Guld-Lars from (among others) KSMB joined. The band has stayed intact ever since. A total of 12 rich punk rock hits, released on Sista Bussen Records.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

LOST KIDS - Bla Bla LP 1980

One of my favorite records is the first full length album by the Lost Kids from Århus which were formed in 1978 by Jan Jet. The band published maybe the first Danish punk record, the single Født Som Nul in December 1978. After the 2nd one Cola Freaks the band released Bla Bla in 1980 on Medley Records and the result is a fantastic varied punk album, in particular, the two-part singing is just awesome. Every song is great and I can't stop listen, for example 'Ja Til A-Kraft' is a real smasher and you can say what you want: who does not go along here no one can help you. This LP blows and I love it and I exaggerate not a bit. Like the Sods, the band was extremely popular in Denmark and of course outside. Compilations featuring the band: Pære Punk and Bloodstains Across Denmark. In 1982 the band dissolved. Enjoy this classic wherever you are.

CHUZPE - Hooper 7'' 1988

Chuzpe were the first Austrian punk band, formed in 1977 they were really popular in the Vienna's underground circuit. Their early tracks are marvellous examples of europunk, they sing in English and German and were best known for their cover of Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart.The band changed their sound and move more into a new wave/alternative direction and released a few 7inches. This here is certainly one of their rarest records, not listed on discogs or elsewhere, and on it a nice ballad. The a-side is sung in English, the flip in Viennese dialect, both versions are played nice and transfer me to a slightly melancholy mood (...go quickly on a Sunday alone).

- Special Thanks to Reinhard -

Friday, April 4, 2014

KIZZA PING - Demo Hösten 1980

I don't really know if this is an official demo band because this band release only one record, a 7 inch called  ”Männen/Lär I Tid” from 1981. Anyway, Kizza Ping was a Swedish punk band from Linköping , which existed from 1980 to 1982. Anders, Johan, Lars and Peter played previously in the punk bands RAS, ÅOBF, Spy and Zpamhead. Peter also played with Helen and Annette in the short-lived funband Rabarbarna. Helene and Annette sang along to the only song of the band 'Young & Pimply'. In autumn 1980, the six founded Kizza Ping  With their very own sound, female vocals and experimental guitar playing, they stood out conspicuously on the simple punk music. With the local record label Dåvhjort Records they released their only single and for several weeks, they were represented on the local radio charts and made smaller concert tours through Sweden. In March 1982, Kizza Ping played their last concert. 2010 appeared a song by Kizza Ping on the 12-CDrom Compilation A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock which I use for my compilation Smashed Again and if you want more songs and info about this unique bans then visit  the webpage b-sound where Peter Kagerland get the full shot with more songs and more info about the band for free. What I can tell you: this is unofficial and great stuff and you will be convinced.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

Thursday, April 3, 2014

YOUTH BRIGADE - Sound & Fury LP 1983

Time for a classic record and again a lot of words were written so I use them here, you know why...thanks. Youth Brigade is a punk rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1980 by brothers Mark, Adam, and Shawn Stern. The band subsequently founded BYO (Better Youth Organization), which served both as their record label and as a statement of their attitude toward the young people involved in the punk subculture, which was generally sympathetic and arguably less sensationalistic than the view usually presented in the media. Many later punk bands cite Youth Brigade as an influence, including The Nation of Ulysses and The Briefs.

Sound & Fury is the first studio album and was released in 1982 on BYO and was followed in 1983 by an album of the same name that included re-recorded versions of some tracks. However, during the Someone Got Their Head Kicked In tour with Social Distortion in the summer of 1982, which marked their first national tour, Youth Brigade realized that they were disappointed with Sound & Fury and stopped the pressing at only 800 copies, most of which they sold on the tour. After the end of the Kicked In tour, the band returned home and decided to record a second album titled Sound & Fury, keeping only four tracks from the original version, and this here is the 2nd release.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

THE SCIENTISTS - Frantic Romantic 7'' 1979

Debut 7inch on D.N.A. records by this Perth combo. It's always good to use some info from the net because I'm a bad reviewer. A short excerpt from wiki:

The Scientists are an influential post-punk band from Perth, Australia, led by Kim Salmon, initially known as Exterminators and then Invaders. The band had two primary incarnations: the Perth-based punk band of the late 1970s and the Sydney/London-based swamp rock band of the 1980s. The Scientists were much more influential than their minimal commercial success would indicate, lending their influence to artists such as Mudhoney and New York's downtown indie scene of the early 1990s.

 Two catchy tunes on this, Frantic Romantic is almost a ballad while the flip is more kickin' & yellin'. Fat knarzig guitars and solid tempo. Very strong stuff!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Impressions V

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Friday, March 28, 2014

LUZIBÄR - Geistig 7 EP 1982

Small rare jewel German punk culture and the only post for today, I'm still sick and I must back into bed. Luzibär was founded in summer 1981 by former members of the Düsseldorf punk band "VD" in Mettmann/Rhineland. After first appearances, they released their debut EP 'Geistig 7', which provided at that scene immediately stir. Because the EP was banned promptly and not of any political slogans. Luzibär offended in the song "Wixverbot" a Mettmanner city known village idiot, who thought he was a mod. He complained, got right and the plate was banned. Pretty curious and for this reason, the plate is very rare today. But Luzibär did not give up and toured busy. Mid -1982 they got from Rough Trade Germany the offer to make an album, called 'Und Der Rest War Schweigen' (famous Hamlet quote). Unfortunately, the album was never recorded. Another 4 Track EP called 'Wachsfiguren' was recorded but then for now not see the light of the world. Followed by band internal torments, although there were still many appearances, but in the summer of 1983, just two years after the founding Luzibär dissolved. And since then ruled until many years later really silence . Joost Renders and Jasper Michahelles founded with other musicians the band "Chim Chim Cheree", which later renamed in "Panic In Slumberland but without Jasper Michahelles, he founded meantime the band "Scarlet Masque". Jan Peter Schäfermeyer stop making music and Eric Hackenberg pulled it a few years later to Hamburg, where he is musically very active and later as guitarist of "Jam Today" and "Thee Richmen". In 2002 the Berlin label RottenTotten Records released a 10'' with both 7inches and some live material in an edition of 100 copies, if anyone has this record please send me mp3s. Shortly after the release of this record drummer Jasper Michahelles died in May 2002, who also designed the cover for this compilation, at the age of 39 years on the effects of a stroke. Compilation featuring the band: H'Artcore (1982) and 8–EP Sampler (1982). Good stuff for a sunny Friday.