Monday, February 20, 2012

INGE VAL - Anti Parlamentarisk Rebellrock EP 1979

One more band now from Stockholm are these weird rock band, which played a pretty nice US influenced rock'n'roll from the older days, reminds of all the goodies from the 50s by such great artists like Chuck Berry, Carl Mann etc.... and here are 5 songs, three short cuts ala Dead Kennedys, a superb blues ballad and at last a over 4 minutes song called "Spaghetti Med Chokladsås", you can imagine what goes on. Their only '77 punk smasher later appered on the CD compilation Varning För Punk which was released in 1994 by Distortion Records. Inge Val (No Choice) played some gigs in the Stockholm area and many line-up changes were made before the band became an all female punk. If they had more releases I don't know. So pick this cool record up and enjoy the Spaghetti ride.

- Special Thanks to Fredrik -



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Anonymous said...

This one has 3 really nice songs the greatest being the shortest tunes. Gatans Parlament is a classic!!