Friday, February 17, 2012

PHANTASTIX - Welcome! LP 1988

500 copies were pressed by this album from a great punk band which were founded 1988 in Hamburg. The band members played previously in many well-known Hamburg bands (Napalm, 3000 Yen, Bärbel, etc... and some bands are here on the Blog!) and as Phantastix they recorded two albums and one EP I think. Musically they playin' a sort of classic punk rock, mostly sung in english (the Havanna cover is brilliant) and they were always hot for their live performance. I never been to a show because I'm not often in Hamburg that time but I can imagine because this LP is full of power and intensity, it must live only crash. Who can confirm this leave here a comment. Fun, good humor and takin' life not so seriously, that's are the Phantastix and they do well.



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