Wednesday, February 29, 2012

V/A - Vancouver Evolution EP 1989

These tracks originally appeared on the Last Call 2CD compilation of Vancouver bands and were recorded between 1977-79. All are excellent tracks. The Furies, from 1977, were the first Vancouver punk band. The Skulls and Stiffs both feature future D.O.A. and Subhumans members. Victorian Pork (BIZ on the Last Call CD) featured members from various Vancouver bands at various times. Nice packaging and an insert with lots of great infos about the bands and the Vancouver scene. Some copies are on blue vinyl and this is one of them. Great '77 punk stuff!! - Rating: 10 points from 10.

1.What Do You Want Me To Be - THE FURIES
2.Fucked Up Baby - THE SKULLS
3.Fuck You - THE STIFFS
4.I Don't Give A Shit - VICTORIAN PORK



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