Saturday, April 14, 2012

OUTO ELÄMÄ - Oi Maanne Suomi LP 1998

Here's another Killer from Finland, Outo Elämä (Strange Life) was formed in late 1978 by Arto 'Otra' Romppanen (vocals, guitar), Juha 'Jussi' Hakulinen (bass) and Harri 'Jazz' Leppänen (drums). In early 1979 another first geneartion punk from the town of Joensuu (in eastern Finland), Harri 'Hape' Turunen (guitar) joined the group. The most productive year for the band was 1979 when they gigged around Joensuu and recorded a demo (this recording) produced by Reijo Heiskanen, the guitarrist for Hassisen Kone (the most popular New Wave group at that time in Finland). The material was written by Otra and was termed Rebellion Punk. The ignition and inspiration came from the climate of occupying and sqautting a house in Joensuu and standing up against such human grievances as racial segregation in South Africa. The working-class brats also gave the finger to opponents of economic equality. Adopting the left wing drive of the likes of Clash, Sex Pistols, Pelle Miljoona, Che Guevara, Bob Marley and a countless number of other leftie freethinkers, they let fly, occasionally getting burned but never losing the attitude. 19 years later, Alternative Action Records now finally released this awesome stuff and to say it with Orta's words: "I hope this release you're holding offers moments pf pleasure for all of you hardened friends of 70's punk who cared more for genuine attitude than superficial musical assets." I have nothing more to add except start the download right now.


Anonymous said...

Outo elämä = Strange Life

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thanks for the info!