Thursday, December 20, 2012

ANGELIC UPSTARTS - Greatest Hits Live 1991

Everything is said about the Angelic Upstarts and all their records a brilliant. What we have here is an amazing CD with all their early hits and I don't know if this is an official album because originally released by Dojo Records in 1991 but that plays no minor role, this here is the Street Link Release. Recorded live at the Retford Porterhouse on 13. August 1982 hit Mensi & Co. an excellent cross-section of their first three LP's and shows the band at their best after leaving EMI and just before they signed to Anagram. Strong sense of melody with a unique flair for catchy choruses, added to some of the angriest and most biting lyrics to be heard anywhere. Three or four years ago they had a gig here and they were fuckin' awesome and I'm glad to have at least once see them live. Even 20 years after these recordings they have lost none of their energy and intensity. Pure punk power from one of the UK's best punk bands, a significant record! I think it's time again for a new LP.

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