Monday, December 31, 2012

ANTI - I Don't Want To Die In Your War LP 1982

In order to properly document old school punk/hardcore in L.A., you definitely could not leave out Anti, formed in 1980 and here with their debut record which was released on their own label New Underground and this is a prime slice of vicious early 80s US hardcore punk: short, fast and snotty thrash tunes with a lot of angry political lyrics too! A review which I would like to quote: "The most intense thrash album from LA in quite a while. The music is pretty generic, but it's also plenty loud and fast. Lyrically, Anti range from intelligent ("Fight War, Not Wars," the title track, and "The Cycle") to the semi-moronic Wasted Youth level ("Poseur" and "I Hate You"). Go for it if you can't get enough thrash punk, but not if you're searching for something unusual." - Jeff Bale (from Maximum Rocknroll #4, January/February 1983) So enjoy this short thrashers with high energy and the last day in fuckin' 2012 has begun.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -

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