Monday, December 24, 2012

GYLLENE TIDER & KSMB - Nyårssingel 7'' 1981

X-Mas is here and I would like to post a few records with sickmas songs..... First, a rare gem and just a little backup info: This 7inch was released on Schlager in 1981. Schlager was a Swedish rock magazine that was founded in Stockholm 1980 by music journalists Hakan Lahger, Mats Lundgren, Thore Soneson and Bengt Eriksson, all had previously been working in the newspaper business and the new magazine was to reconcile the older prog rock journalists with curiosity left and a younger generation of critics characterized by punk, which is also reflected in the breath of its readership. The magazine can be said have played an equal role in the 1980s. So on the a-side is a pretty quiet song with piano and tralala and so, fe/male voice and sounds very dramatic but somehow beautiful. And who Gyllene Tider is I don't know, anyway. The flip is more interesting because the Swedish punk pioneers KSMB bring here with 'Feliz Navidad' a classic X-Mas song in a nice punky way. Fantastic!!!!! So, I wish you all a fuckin' merry Christmas and tons of gifts and beer.

- Special Thanx to Fredrik -


arstider said...

Thanks. Gyllene Tider = Per Geesle = Roxette.

Best wishes from Sweden

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

..was singing feliz navidad with my two niece not more than a few meetings ago, and, since seeing it on Spanish Bombs blog, I think I need to hear it now so thanks. Been listening to straight MRR #37 now with FAith No More all great radio show tapes up for all. Nice thought for the new year old man.

Sven Älg said...

Gyllene Tider = Per Geesle = Roxette = BAD! KSMB = GOOD!!
It's like making a split 7" with Dead Kennedys and ABBA!