Friday, December 28, 2012

MÄDELS NO MÄDELS - Take That! EP 1998

Founded in Sindelfingen, the punk rock zombies play their overlapping '77 style punkrock music since 1989. Their debut record came out in 1989 with the "Durchdreh'n" EP and two years later their first full length album "Doggie Style" with seventeen grenades of pure power which you get here. On this EP are four melodic, independent punk rock songs from the late phase of the band. Outstanding is the distinctive vocals of Olli, and the second guitar was nice involved to songwriting. Likely to be the last vinyl that it from this horny band from Sindelfingen are still to get! Released via Incognito Records, the label which releases since 1989 a lot of awesome records. Mädels No Mädels is excellent punk rock which sounds always crispy like fresh from the bakery and they're still active.

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Anonymous said...

funny cover. cool tracks!